We specialize in vessels chartering for all types of goods including bulk, liquid, general cargoes as well as Project Cargoes. We are an exclusive representative of several owners and shippers.


The main pillar of our activities is cooperation with well known owners with appropriate fleet of ships, background and reputation. We match the type and size of ship to the needs of our clients. We rely on our own database, nevertheless, when it is necessary we circulate cargoes with traditional methods (fax, broking stock exchange)


  • Promoting different groups of cargoes
  • Market research and analysis. Following new developments in the area of transport (key events, technological novelties, market indicators)
  • Searching for cargoes, selecting appropriate ships and negotiating their availability
  • Negotiating charter parites for single voyages as well as contracts of affreightment
  • Final contracts analysis
  • Post-fixing supervision of the performance of charter parties

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